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Key Feature of Switchable Glass Partitikn

Switchable glass partition is also called electronic glass partition, witch is controled by remote or switch. This design is perfect for private spaces like offices, meeting rooms, nathrooms, etc.. Structurally, switchable glass partition is made of two glasses and PDLC film under laminated glass process. Key features can be summarized as follows:

1.Laminated glass is safer than regular glass: When laminated glass is subjected to an impact, the glass may break, but the shards will adhere to the interlayer film, preventing them from scattering, thus reducing the potential for injury.

2.PDLC glass( Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal glass): Under the influence of an electric field, the arrangement of dispersed liquid crystal molecules is altered, allowing the glass to transition from a transparent state (with a transmittance of over 90%) to an opaque state (with transmittance as low as 23%).

3.Parameters: electric current--1A/sqm; electric power--10W/sqm; voltage--110~280V. To sum up, the current and power will not be a problem facing different installation sites and the voltage is adjustable according to different areas. 




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