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Double Glazing VS Single Glazing: What’s the Difference?

Double and single glazed glass partitioning may look very similar, both creating a clear appearance that looks smart and professional in any workplace. Similarly, the transparency of the panes ensures that, unlike solid partitioning, light is still able to reach within a room, showering it in a range of benefits.

So what is the difference between single and double glazed glass partitions? Well, double glazed glass uses two sheets of glass, bonded together to provide further insulation. This means fixed double glazed glass walls have improved sound insulation than our single glazed systems.

What’s more, with double glazed glass, you can even install integrated blinds between the glass panes. This means goodbye to tangled, dusty blinds! It also allows you to have some visual privacy on demand all while keeping in line with a clean and elegant style.




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