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Invisible Frame Smart Glass

Switchable transparent glass makes your space more technological. Electric control creates a private space for users. 

Installation:Modular and Demountable

Sound Insulation:52dB


MS modular walls can be demounted, re-cut, reinstall according to the needs of users.Installation will cause little noise and dust, and little construction waste will be produced.

Aluminum & steel components and glass can be recycle and reuse during the progress of production, achieving the goal of sustainable development.

Standard Panel Height

Wall heights of 8’to 12’are available as standard product, the height range above is considered as regular engineering specials.

Standard Leveling Range

The structure allows a total of 20mm of adjustment at the top and bottom to ceiling deviation.It can easily be augmented with off the shelf hardware to accommodate most floor conditions. Standard Panel Widths 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″and 59″….custom sizes will be accommodated.


Glazed claddings are single or double pane available and prefabricated ready to install.

The switchable transparent glass thickness is 11mm.The frame thickness is 74mm and the painted edge width is 20mm as standard,30mm as special.The open cavity between modules allows the user to integrate building electrical, data and communications infrastructure.

Floor and Ceiling Channel

Aluminum ceiling and floor channel is used to house the modules in a continuous line and to act as a plinth for both floor and ceiling alignment.They are standard in 7047 Telegrey paint finish and can be powder coated as a special.

Electrical, Data & Communications

MS will provide all electrical and data openings as required and can be either factory or site cut.


MS improved the characteristics on the basis of traditional glass partition.MS Wall has been engineered to be extremely flexible and can be re-used, reconfigured and adapted now and in the future, meet the green construction requirement.Simplified and universal structural components minimize parts while maximizing flexibility.


MS Wall can be updated at any time and accelerated depreciation, become an asset that can move and change with you.Quick and easy installation allows you to move in faster, reducing costly swing space rent.

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