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Co-working is spreading all over the world

At present, the sharing economy is a new economic concept under the background of Internet technology. Whether you use it or not, sharing mode has become a very common phenomenon around us. With the development of information technology and the advent of the information age, the sharing economy will become a major trend. Co-working, also known as flexible office, short-term office rental.

Co-working space is divided into three areas: office area, functional area and leisure area. The office area is equipped with open office area, independent office, semi-open office, conference room, etc. Functional areas are equipped with printers, WiFi, hot water, etc. The leisure area is a place for companies to exchange cooperation and relax, equipped with coffee, tea, snacks, etc.

Advantage 1: Vitality upgrade. Compared with the traditional office, the shared office space has more vitality and tension, and the shared space decoration style is modern and full of science and technology, and it is also a symbol of openness, inclusiveness and free culture.

Advantage 2: Move-in with bag.The rental period is flexible, the office space is well-decorated, the supporting facilities are excellent, and the rental service of a single station is available. Moreover, the service is complete, and the enterprise is truly settled.

Advantage 3: The greatest integration of resources and contacts. Although the same as the traditional office space, the shared office space inside the enterprise is also a variety type, but the difference between thire is "sharing". In addition, the incubation shared space will also provide a variety of exchanges and other activities for the resident enterprises to help the growth of the activities. Enterprises entering the shared space have more opportunities and time for communication and interaction. In fact, once there is communication and interaction between enterprises, it means that the resources and contacts between enterprises have been the greatest integration.

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